Saturday, January 07, 2006

Typing Fatigue already, and it's only page 2

For the final paper for my Swedish Media & Society class, I have to write a paper that's forming and suggesting a study of media affects. So I'm creating one to test whether men who watch daytime television form a different definition of masculinity than the general population, given many of the shows stressing stereotypically "feminine" themes, such as talking through problems or emotional empowerment. Also the differences between viewers of "classy" ones like Oprah versus, say, Maury. And the hegemonic properties of the studio audience, when members are allowed to interact.

Suggestions welcome.

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Elissa said...

I just got back to your blog. But it doesn't matter that I'm late; I have no intelligent suggestions. It sounds fascinating, though -- keep up with what you're doing on here so I can read and be jealous.