Thursday, January 12, 2006

Getting going.

How do you know your apartment is empty? Well, I was talking to Kris last night and he could actually hear my voice echoing in my apartment over the phone. My desk supplies are on the floor, my computer monitor is on a TV tray and I can't get the wireless keyboard to work, my TV is on top of Wal-Mart plastic shelving because its usual home is the TV tray. I have no money to buy things, and won't for a while.

But, at least, I'm getting going. While my friends are already checking out for the semester, I'm getting ahead. Part of that is because I can't afford books, so I'm borrowing some and reading them fast. Oh poverty, you and inconvenience have had a great sprawling wedding and a sweet honeymoon in mylife. Classes are interesting, though, as classes go, and I'm actually excited about thesis work, so that's something. I just still feel out of place in the U.S., and I wish I could afford a 6-pack of High Life.

I'm thinking of getting one tonight, and just eating Ramen for the rest of the week. It'd be worth it, I guess. I really like that I'm counting on little things to get me by, like eating at people's houses and my welcome-back spy party tomorrow night, which really excites me most because someone's parents are supplying liquor. Hoo hah.

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Elissa said...

The sweet poverty that is student life. Sigh. Can't say I'm looking forward to that again.

Still, we're blessed. If worst comes to worst, our parents will not let us starve.

I'm in the mood to be grateful.