Monday, January 23, 2006

All that Jazz

I've written a lot of terribly serious an existential posts to begin this blog, partly because that's just who I am and partly because I couldn't afford to go bowling.

So, here's some fluff. Five jazz albums I own and you should too. These are not ranked by merit, really just five off the top of my head. I'm leaving off Kind of Blue because, really, you should already own that.

1. Jazz Samba, Stan Getz/Charlie Byrd. Simply put, it's just about the sultriest music on record. I need to get it on CD because, hey, who wants to flip the record in the middle of sex?

2. Time Out, The Dave Brubeck Quartet. Paul Desmond's timbre is my second favorite, after Getz. Plus, Dave is a geek. A classicly trained geek who likes to play around with time signatures, and I adore that.

3. Live at Massey Hall, Charlie Parker/Dizzy Gillespie/Charles Mingus/Bud Powell/Max Roach. Basically, the 5 most talented of their time playing together. Bird and Diz aren't there for the 2nd LP, probably off shooting up backstage. It's not the tightest recording in the world, but who am I to argue with an album that has "The greatest jazz concert ever" emblazoned on the front?

4. Saxophone Colossus, Sonny Rollins. It's not a bragging album title if you can back it up.

5. Soundtrack to 'No Sun in Venice', The Modern Jazz Quartet. It's an eeire but sly ambiance. Takes some getting used to, but worth it.


Elissa said...

*covers eyes so as not to see sex comment*

The first album sounds great! I'll send Chris on a chase... Someday when I have spending money again.

Tax season. Are you doing yours?

Chris Jones said...

Whew: I already have Kind of Blue. I'm not hopeless.

A.G. Moseman said...

Not yet I'm not.

Actually, you should send Chris after "Getz/Gilberto," which you might actually like better. Getz made it a year later by teaming up with Joao Gilberto, who was a Brazilian legend, and his wife Astrud sings on it. It has "The Girl From Ipanema" and others.